Fast track



Begin your journey with the python course. We currently have a basics course and will be expanding to create a Data Science course shortly.


Who we are

We are a mastery-, topic-, and project-based open source university that aims to solve the problems with the current higher education system. To learn more, check out our white paper.

How our courses work

We offer topics to master that will help set you on the career path of your choice. Some topics will require you to complete prerequisite courses as some topics may share the same fundamental aspects of their material. The goal upon completion of a course is for you to both attain applicable competency and have a portfolio of projects to prove that competency.

How to contribute

To contribute or raise an issue about our lesson material, navigate to our Github lessons repository. The README.md contains instructions for contributing. You can email me at nikita@studentwise.io if you have any questions or would like to create another topic/course.