How this course works

How this course works

Vennbury University is a mastery-based and project-focused learning platform. Our goal is to provide the best resources for you to master a particular topic. More information can be found on Vennbury Universities’ about page.

By the end of this course, not only will you get a new tool under your belt, but also be able to use it on your own. The distinguishing feature of Vennbury University is that it doesn’t hold your hand at any point throughout - you will be provided guidance and help, but learning and problem-solving will be your and only your job.

We will start by getting familiar with the programming world and what doors of knowledge Python opens for you. Afterward, we’ll configure your development environment. We’ll learn how to use Git and GitHub. Then, we’ll learn the basics of Python: variables, data types, conditions, loops, and functions. We’ll dive deeper into data types and learn about the advanced use of functions.

After that, we’ll increase the level of abstraction and talk about different programming paradigms - Objective-Oriented Programming (OOP) and functional programming - and how they are realized in Python.

During the course, you will acquaint yourself with many topics and libraries, such as working with files, API, web scraping, operations on your OS, etc., all of which you’ll put into practice by completing projects. Most importantly, however, you will strengthen your problem-solving skills and become an independent programmer.

This curriculum is a curated list of the best resources around the Internet. Each lesson introduces a topic, gives you study materials, and some give you exercises to practice what you’ve just learned. Throughout your journey, you will complete a lot of incrementally complex projects to help you grow your understanding of that topic by putting it into practice.

We would wish you good luck, but it’s not about luck. Be consistent, do not give up, and nothing will stop you!

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