Modules and Packages

Modules and Packages

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to import modules
  • Describe how Python find the module you want to import
  • Be able to change environment variables
  • Be able to make your code run as a module
  • Learn the reason behind creating virtual environments and how to do that using Python


Packages and Virtual Environments

Knowledge check

  • How to import modules? How to import specific functions?
  • How to change your environment variables?
  • Describe what __name__="__main__ does
  • Describe how to create a virtual environment using pip


Now that you know about code modulation, go back to the Rock, Paper, and Scissors! project and fix the code:

  1. Separate all of the functions in different files.
  2. Then import the functions into main.py and use __name__="__main__" for the main script. Your code should not have any global variables.
  3. Run it and see whether there are any differences in functionality. (There shouldn't be any, but your code is much cleaner and now you follow one of the best coding practices.)
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