Regular Expressions

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to create Regex Objects
  • Be able to create groups in the regex
  • Understand different ways of matching a wide range of strings
  • Learn about different character classes
  • Be able to implement complex regex patterns


  • Pattern Matching with Regex. Make sure to follow the author's code and don't skip the exercises at the end: the chapter is long, so you need to complete those tasks to solidify your theory.
  • Regular Expressions. This chapter heavily overlaps with the previous one, but offers a more hands-on approach. If not for the knowledge, go through it for the practice exercise.

Knowledge Check

  • What characters match the beginning and end of a string?
  • How can you match a character within a specific range of times?
  • How to make regex remember groups?
  • What function is used to create a regex object?
  • What functions are used to substitute one set of characters for another?
  • Name a function used to look for a specific regex pattern in a given string? What are its parameters?

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